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"From Grass Roots to Gold"

Passport to Sport 2020

Dear Members,

Is your club finding it difficult to recruit new members or are you not recruiting enough juniors to ensure the long-term future of your club? If so, I would like to offer you the opportunity to be part of an exciting new initiative with Aberdeenshire Sports Council - Passport to Sport.

The idea behind Passport to Sport is to attract more people to take part in the activities offered by our member clubs - we already have a number of clubs who are committed to the project.

We will offer "Passports" to adults and juniors which can be used to access one free or reduced cost session with up to 10 committed clubs. The participants will receive certificates if they take part in sessions with 5,7 or 10 different clubs. Aberdeenshire Council have agreed to be part of this project through Active Schools and will offer a range of "in kind" rewards.

The benefit to your club will be greater exposure on our website and Facebook page as well as being promoted on Aberdeenshire Council sites. This increased publicity will bring your club to a wider range of possible new members, people who may not have heard of you or people who may never have previously thought of participating in your sport.

This is an opportunity to expand and develop your club at no extra cost to yourselves. Even if you only attract one or two new members it will be worth it.

I would request that you discuss this project within your club and I would be delighted if you agree to be a participant in our Passport for Sport 2020. 30 clubs have signed up so far for the new scheme.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards

Jackie Smith

Chair - Aberdeenshire Sports Council


The following documents are available to download in PDF format:

Passport to Sports Participation Record

Passport to Sports Registration Form