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Committee to Meet 6th September

published: 31 August, 2016

The sports council executive committee will meet on the 6th September at 7pm in Meldrum Academy. Items for discussion will include the Startline Scheme, Awards Evening 2017 and the Talent fund.
Further Aboyne Canoe Club Grant

published: 30 June, 2016

The grant part funded a 1 day training course to go through basic safety procedures on calm water. The techniques included the use of a throw line, assisting in the rescue of other participants, self-rescue, and towing. The course involved using a variety of craft including canoes, kayaks and sea kayaks. On a personal level, this course helped me as I like to kayak on my own, and the self-rescue techniques were very useful. I would also like to pursue my 3 star white water award so I view this training as the basis for the safety skills on that curriculum.
£250 Grant to Aboyne Canoe Club

published: 30 June, 2016

White Water Safety and Rescue Course - On 11-12 June club members attended the White Water Safety and Rescue Course and it is going to be a huge benefit to the club.
Sarah Hawken Talented Individual Grant

published: 10 June, 2016

The grant given is greatly needed as living in Aberdeenshire many sporting events take place further down the country, and travel is the largest cost involved in being able to take part in these events. I was not expecting £100 and am extremely thankful for the grant, which I will use to attend more basketball events.
Sarah Hawken Wheelchair Basketball Grant Award

published: 10 June, 2016

The grant helped me to be able to travel to Nottingham to compete in the Wheelchair Basketball's Women League, based in Nottingham. Being the only full-time wheelchair user who plays wheelchair basketball in Aberdeenshire, the grant enabled me to play against other women and get a real taste of competition and the sporting opportunities available for women.

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