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"From Grass Roots to Gold"

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Criteria & Guidelines

The finance working group meets bi-monthly to consider all grant aid applications and make recommendations to the executive committee.

Please note the revised coaching scholarship application process.


  1. - Applications are considered at quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee of ASC. All applications must be submitted in advance of the expenditure taking place, payment will only be made retrospectively. All applicants will be required to provide documented proof of participation.

  2. - No grant award payment will be made without full documentary evidence, invoices, and proof of attendance etc., at the time making the claim.

  3. - Should the contents of the application change in any way, ASC must be notified. The Grant Award will be valid for six months from the date of the meeting in which it was approved. All Grant Awards will be paid, subject to funds being available at the time of claim.

  4. - Each grant application will be considered on merit, the awarding of a grant should not be assumed, awarding of a grant does not guarantee funding in subsequent years. Clubs and individuals will be expected to raise at least 50% of full costs for the majority of categories.

  5. - Grant applications will be considered from sports clubs which are affiliated to ASC and from individuals within these clubs. All those eligible for grant awards must be resident in Aberdeenshire and students whose parents live in Aberdeenshire.

  6. - All clubs must be constituted, non-discriminatory and affiliated to their National Governing Body.

  7. - It is a condition of grant assistance that clubs in receipt of a grant remain affiliated to ASC for a period of three years. Grants can be reclaimed by ASC should an affiliated club not affiliate on an annual basis for a minimum of three years. The Club must be affiliated to ASC for three months to be eligible for grant aid; this excludes the start up grant.

  8. - Guidance for grant assistance will be as follows; £500 is the maximum total of grants awarded to a club per annum (April to March) this includes grants paid to individuals within affiliated clubs. This excludes initiatives financed by external funding.

  9. - ASC reserves the right to request further information prior to grant applications being considered. In cases where the Executive Committee considers that insufficient information has been supplied, the application will be held over to a subsequent meeting, or until such time as additional information requested is available. A club representative or an individual may be asked to attend a meeting of ASC to discuss an application.

  10. - All other sources of financial assistance, funding or grant aid must be declared.

  11. - Successful applicants should provide a short evaluation report detailing what the grant has helped to achieve, number of members, persons who the grant has or will help once the project has taken place.

  12. - Acknowledgement of ASC support should be included in all promotional material, including press releases, posters, DVD and websites etc.