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"From Grass Roots to Gold"

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Startline Club Development Scheme

Startline is an effective way to demonstrate that a club is an efficient, well managed club. Startline demonstrates that the club meets all basic club organisation requirements, has a working child protection policy in place and that, all club activities are properly insured.

We appreciate that many clubs feel unready to proceed to full NGB accreditation and to this end, we have produced Startline. Designed to be a straightforward and user friendly aid for clubs, Startline offers a first step towards building a portfolio of the required documents for accreditation. Aberdeenshire Sports Council is willing to offer help and practical advice to all participating clubs. Further details are available on our website or contact our secretary for details.

Startline Promotes Good Club Practice

  1. - Effective club management and organisation

  2. - Health and Safety and Child Protection

  3. - Good Coaching and support for volunteers

  4. - Equal Opprtunities

Startline is a user friendly approach to basic club accreditation.

Central to the scheme is building a portfolio of key club documents. It encourages the club committee and or volunteers to work together and bring together the documents into one structured folder.

Startline should be readily achieved by large and small clubs whatever the sport or the size of the club.

The next stage of Startline is for a club visit by members of the sports council executive committee. The reviewers will have looked through the portfolio prior to the visit. A key part of the visit is the opportunity for the reviewers to hear about how the club is organised and administered.

Each of the key documents in the portfolio will be considered in turn and the outcome will be a simple report back to the club with any actions to be taken e.g. a gap in the key information required.

In the club report there will be advice on follow up areas of interest to the club e.g. NGB accreditation schemes to consider as a progression.

Benefits to Participating Clubs

  1. - A presentation certificate and use of the approved Startline logo.

  2. - Promotion and recognition by Aberdeenshire Sports Council in Newsletters, Website and the online Sports Directory.

  3. - Receive direct club development and advice.

Startline's Two Stage Process

Stage 1 - Portfolio Building on a Specified List of Key Documents

  1. - Encourages teamwork to build the portfolio of key documents.

  2. - Raises awareness of the roles played by club committee, coaches and volunteers.

  3. - Ensures an effective Child Protection Policy is in operation.

  4. - Develops an understanding of requirements for improved delivery.

  5. - Gives ownership of improvements to club members as a follow up.

    1. Stage 2 - Club Review Visit by Two Committee Members of the Sports Council

      1. - Two club reviewers will visit a club night or training session.

      2. - Verbal feedback will be given at the time and a club report will be sent to the club as a follow up.

      3. - The report will give suggestions of possible areas of improvement or progression.

      4. - Successful clubs will recieve a Startline Certificate of Accreditation for meeting the required standards.

      If your club is interested in the new Aberdeenshire Sports Council Startline Scheme, please get in touch at sportscouncil.secretary@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.